Ask yourself...

• What are my customers saying to their friends about my
        business; are they saying anything at all?
• Am I restricting the number of customers trying to buy from me?
• Have I determined precisely what my customers need, what they
        want, or what the requirements are for those customers I’m
        trying to reach?

Did you know...

• You can increase profits 85% by retaining only 5% of lost customers?
• As much as 50% of New Customer business comes as a result of
        inquiries generated by advertising?
• More than 50% of inquiries come from people who WILL buy
        within a year?

We can Help...

Customer Focused Marketing

Creating profit from what you should know about your customers!

Advertising industry studies report that over 90% of businesses utilizing customer focused marketing programs show increased profits of 60% to 80%, and these increases covered companies in all industries/ services. Information about current customers provide the foundation for generating more sales, retaining cross-selling customers, and acquiring new customer business.

Inquiry Management

Increasing sales by bridging the time gap!

Inquiries received must be acted upon immediately according to industry studies which have shown that a 5 day or less response turnaround can add 20% to sales. In addition, niche targeting fulfillment packages can boost sales as much as 60% to 80%. Overall, advertising studies found that 50% to 70% of inquiries result in sales within a year, when handled properly.

Promotional Marketing

Finding what works best for your business!

Customer focused programs hit emotional “hot buttons” causing prospects to react. These promotions use marketing and sales analysis information from active customer profile databases and they produce significantly higher results. The more detail available to develop your program, the greater your response rates.

SBDP’s IMS program is designed to be your Direct Marketing Partner in creating Growth for your business.

We can accommodate your specific and general needs when they arise, making SBDP the most cost efficient member of your marketing team!